Saturday, September 16, 2006


It is a year today that we moved into our apartment in Frascati. Why did we choose Frascati you may well ask?
-Well we wanted to be near to Rome, we are only a 20 minute train ride into Termini, 10 minutes
from Ciampino Airport and 30 minutes to Fiumicino
-As it is in the Albano Hills we seem to be above the smog level of Rome
-It is definately cooler in the summer, though the down side of that is it is also colder in the winter
-All conveniences are within walking distance

-Fresh Veg/ Fruit market Monday- Saturday, as well as several butchers, delicatessens, bakeries.
-Handy to the other towns of the Castelli Romani.

Villa Aldobrandini
Cattedrale Di San Pietro
Villa Torlonia from our terraceView over the Castelli Romani from Tuscola

Although we have a fabulous apartment with wonderful views, living in the heart of Frascati does have its down side. The noise is the main thing that gets to me, though I suppose that is a part of Italian living.

- The constant traffic and honking, people who dont talk but shout, especially between the hours of 2am and 5am in the morning. Why they cannot just converse with each other without letting the whole world know is beyond me!
-The street cleaning truck that wakes me every morning FAR TOO EARLY.
-The lack of free car parking, I think we could of bought a new car with the amount of parking fines we have paid over the past year!
-The mass of people and teenagers from all over Rome who all congregate to Frascati on a Saturday evening to hang out. This makes going out a nightmare.

I do really think it is a lovely town despite my moans and groans, but inevitably I would like to move into the countryside, as I am a country girl at heart. The only problem is convincing my husband who loves city life and being around people. I will have to work on that!

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  1. congrats on a year there! i know what you mean about country life vs city life: there are times i'd love to have a place in the country, but the conveniences of the city are quite handy too. 'city' is perhaps too strong a town of macerata is really not that big!