Saturday, November 25, 2006


One thing I love about Italy is the distinct change in Seasons and the new fruit and veges that arrive in the markets. When I first came to Italy I used to get very frustrated when I was unable to get a certain fruit or veg, as in NZ they were always available whether local or imported. Now I have accepted the fact that I can only get certain things when they are in season and in fact it has given me a greater appreciation of them as its something to look forward to.
Autumn has to be one of my favourite seasons, I love the green leavy veges, broccoletti, kale,friarielli, the fresh carciofi, porcini mushrooms and roasted chestnuts are the ultimate in comfort food.

Today was a beautiful day in Rome and it felt very Autumny whilst walking along the Tevere, the trees all changing colour and the river was very calming as the sun was beginning to set.


  1. Hi Shirley...these are beautiful autumn shots...I myself just took one along the Tiber today for the same reason. And, I like your hair! ;-) You were brave and it came out well.
    PS Are you from New Zealand or am I mistaken? Ale and I are going there on our honeymoon in March...we should meet up to get all your suggestions!

  2. Hi Shelley
    Im originally from England though moved to Auckland, New Zealand when I was 18 and was there for about 22 years.It is a beautiful part of the world.I must admit though, that during all that time I never visited the South Island, which is a shame as it is supposed to be stunning.
    Love to meet up at some stage.

  3. by the way, thanks for stopping by my blog.. Will have to add you to the blog roll also.

    Love the pics. :)