Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Christmas

Just a quick post to wish every one a fabulous Christmas and New Year.
We are flying out early in the morning to London as we have just bought a car there, then we have decided to drive down to the Czech Republic and hopefully experience a white christmas with a bit of snow boarding and skiing thrown in.
A presto!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

As I sit here writing this I am indulging in yet another piece of Panettone, with toasted almonds on top ( Not for you Annika!). It is so easy to eat several pieces and not realise.

Well Christmas is just a week away and to be honest I'm having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit this year especially since Ikea were sold out of trees, I'm seriously thinking of decorating our large pot plant!.

As it is going to be a quiet one we are thinking of taking off to Prague for a week on Christmas Eve.The airfares have sky rocketed so I reckon we could drive there as it only takes 12 hours and we could stop in Austria on the way.
All our life we have always taken holidays on impulse due to the nature of the business we had, nothing has ever been planned much to the disbelief of our friends.
Many times back in New Zealand we closed the restaurant around christmas time, went to the travel agency wanting a package deal that week only to be told no accomodation available. It has never deterred us though, we hop on the plane and keep our fingers crossed that we will find something when we arrived.
In Bali we found some amazing hotels all willing to barter the price, Thailand was a bit harder though. We arrived late at night, I hadn't slept on the flight and was sooooo tired, I need at least 7 hours sleep to function properly or you don't want to be around me! We trailed around several hotels in Phuket all to no avail, in the end I sat on the side of the road and balled my eyes out. Where was I going to sleep!! Domenico took off to find somewhere, leaving me to drown in my tears. Luckily he found a room in the Holiday Inn for the night where I crashed and woke up the next day totally refreshed and happy.

The next day we hired a scooter and found a fabulous resort just out of Phuket where we spent rest of the week.
It is all very adventurous and I actually like not having to commit to accomodation or a place we are not sure about.
Well I will finish there and have yet another piece of panettone.

Jamies Great Italian Escape

I got a lovely suprise in the mail today, a belated birthday present from my daughter, the DVD of Jamie's Great Italian Escape.
I know alot of people are not Jamie fans, but I really like and relate to his style of cooking and was very frustrated when I couldn't get this particular TV series in Italy as we don't have Sky. I searched everywhere for the DVD with no luck, then my daughter called to say she managed to find a DVD in Australia of all the Italian series put together. So I've been glued to the TV this morning watching all 6 series' and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the different regions with their own styles of cooking and the attempts of Jamie Oliver to cook and have his food accepted by the locals. It shows the stubborness of the locals in their particular region to accept any style of cooking that is different from what they are used to, it was all very interesting. The DVD does require parental guidance as there is one particular scene where he is asked to slaughter a lamb.. eek... very gross and I had to look away! If any bloggers here in Italy would like to see the DVD let me know.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


I need some help guys, I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I no longer seem to be able to leave comments on Blogs that I previously could. When I go to the comment page it has the google/blogger account bit which no longer accepts my password when I put in my details. Ive tried changing my password, still no luck. I did notice that the people who were leaving comments on other blogs seemed to be with Beta Blogger, could this be the problem. Very frustrated!!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Chocolates Galore

A rather belated post as there is a fight for the computer at the moment in our house,with one computer being down. I think I am going to have to draw up a timetable!
Last Saturday we all hopped on a cheapy 99 c Ryan Air flight to Belgium as my brother who has moved to Antwerp with his family was celebrating his 40th birthday. It was originally going to be a suprise as we haven't
seen each other for over 4 years, though he had planned to fly to Israel on Sunday so my SIL had to tell him we were coming so he could reschedule. It was great to see them all again especially my nieces and the cousins all got along so well despite not having seen each other for so long.

Bruges Town Centre

Unfortunately we were not able to do much sight seeing as the weather was wet and blustery, however we did take a day trip to Bruges on Sunday dodging in out of shops between the showers. It was certainly a picturesque little town with loads of quaint boutique chocolate shops. I thought the chocolate in Italy was great but the Belgium chocolate is to die for, so exquisite and creamy and packaged in lovely little boxes. So after dinner the rest of the evening was spent indulging in our chocolate purchases followed by hot chocolate.

I found a huge difference between Belgium and Italy, everyone was so quiet and reserved, although very polite they tended to keep themselves to themselves. On the train to the airport we were speaking to each other in our normal voices, though I think to the other passengers we were being loud as we got a few glary looks. Perhaps we should have been whispering.
We had a lovely weekend though, it is always nice to visit new cities and experience a different culture. It is made all the more easier with the cheap flights, next on the list is Prague.