Saturday, December 16, 2006

Jamies Great Italian Escape

I got a lovely suprise in the mail today, a belated birthday present from my daughter, the DVD of Jamie's Great Italian Escape.
I know alot of people are not Jamie fans, but I really like and relate to his style of cooking and was very frustrated when I couldn't get this particular TV series in Italy as we don't have Sky. I searched everywhere for the DVD with no luck, then my daughter called to say she managed to find a DVD in Australia of all the Italian series put together. So I've been glued to the TV this morning watching all 6 series' and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the different regions with their own styles of cooking and the attempts of Jamie Oliver to cook and have his food accepted by the locals. It shows the stubborness of the locals in their particular region to accept any style of cooking that is different from what they are used to, it was all very interesting. The DVD does require parental guidance as there is one particular scene where he is asked to slaughter a lamb.. eek... very gross and I had to look away! If any bloggers here in Italy would like to see the DVD let me know.


  1. I've not seen it.. Though my Mum loved it. I've got Sky but I haven't noticed it on the schedule.

  2. That series was fantastic. It was on the Travel Channel here Stateside.

    I cannot wait for my trip back to Italy.

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