Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Not A Good Week!

I'm having a really lousy week this week, sadly may friend Ross died after his fight with cancer, I will miss him so much he has always been there for me and we spoke often, even though we were so far away. I did write a post a few months ago (below) about Ross, I know he will be around in spirit. Before he died he managed to set up a website ( in my links) of his stories and publications over the years, his 'Spiritual Journey' is very inspiring, (you will need to scroll down to read.)

As well as this I've had an awful hacking cough the past few days, I reckon its the warm weather breeding the bugs. If it was cold they would be dead by now! and its been raining the last couple of days which hasn't helped my spirits. Role on next week....

(I’m having a sad weepy day today after having spoken to my dear friend Ross in NZ who was diagnosed with cancer a couple of months ago. Unfortunately the cancer has spread rapidly and has got into his lungs so his breathing is difficult and he is in alot of pain as antibiotics no longer work. By the sounds of it he doesn’t have much longer left to live.I think he is slowly coming to terms with his mortality though I’m having a tough time accepting it.

I came to know Ross about fifteen years ago when he applied for a job in our restaurant. We hit it off from day one and have had many days of fun and laughter. After my husband, he is my best friend who has been my mentor in my personal and business life and has always been there for me. We are so similar in the way we think its quite scary, maybe it is to do with the fact that our birthdays are only a couple of days apart.

Ross has experienced a lot in his life, he is a very passionate conservationist and has done a lot of work with the preservation of whales and dolphins in NZ. Through out his years he has travelled the world, travel writing and photographing for several NZ publications, his love of Italy brings him back year after year, though he is upset at the thought of not being able to see any more of Italy.)

I feel so angry that a life can be taken so quickly from someone who has had such a love of life and has always looked after his health, it is so unfair. I’m just hoping he can hang on.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


This week 'Nonna', Domenico's Mum came to stay. She is getting on a bit now and finds it hard to get out and about, though it suprises me how, when she is at home, she still manages a daily trip up and down 4 flights of stairs to go to the park to feed the pigeons, despite her having a hip disability.
It makes me laugh when she comes as she always brings a bag of treats for Liana and I. This time it consisted of a couple of pairs of huge bras and girdles, four pairs of elastic waisted trousers that don't sit on the hips but go right up to the boobs and a pair of fluorescant pyjamas! Liana and I look at each other in disbelief, though we have to say that they are lovely so not to offend her. The crunch comes when she tells us to try them on to see if they fit OK, it is so hard to try and keep a serious face. I have a special drawer now which is full of Nonna's special gifts to us, I just hope she doesn't go snooping one day and finds them all!

She loves coming to Frascati as she finds it so peaceful compared to Napoli, though most of her time is spent sleeping, she reminds me of a cat, eats and sleeps, eats and sleeps!