Monday, March 05, 2007

Sunday Lunch

Today I am still recovering from eating too much yesterday, I feel like a real glutton.
Our friends came to Frascati and insisted that we try a local restaurant, I'm so bad I can't even remember the name of it, I just remember it was a very basic place, you know the type, family owned, Nonna, Mama, Papa and Figlie all working, no menu, you get what you are given and the TV is on full blast in the corner.
The food was in my opinion very basic, the type you eat when you are really hungry and need to fill the stomach, and well we certainly did that.

We started with antipasto consisting of cured meats, fagioli, ricotta and olives. Then a soup of Pasta and Fagioli arrived, I thought this would pass as the pasta course but no, immediately arrived a plate of Fettucinne Bolognese, at this point I was really struggling when arrived yet another pasta course of Bucatini Carbonara. Unbelievable 3 pasta courses ! Domenico had to beg them to slow down and to let us have a rest.
When the Secondi arrived it consisted of Involtini, Scaloppine con Carciofi, and an Osso Bucco type of stew, all served with roast potatoes. At this stage I just looked at all the food and wish I had the nerve to ask for a doggy bag as I knew it would all go to waste. I just couldn't understand why there was so much.
To finish we were served, two types of sponge cake and a frizzante white wine to add to the 2 litres of red wine we had all ready drunk.
Unbelievably the bill only came to 20 euro for each of us.
So I have decided this week I'm going to try and eat healthy and try and get back on to my low carb diet.Story of my life! As much as I love pasta it really doesn't agree with me, I'm left feeling bloated and uncomfortable.


  1. Wow, I feel bloated just from reading that! I will, however, admit to enjoying a "stuffing myself" kind of meal every now and again, but I'm with you--I'd rather it not be mostly pasta!

  2. Gosh. It reminds me of a wedding I went to in Rome once. It was hours and hours of eating. I stopped at the second course!
    In Luxembourg 20 euros will get you a beer and a pizza...

  3. I love those basic family owned places with fantastic food; Real gems.

    I enjoy a good pig out too every so often!

  4. Low carb diet? In Italy? ha ha ha!

    I like eating but can't cope with those italian weddings. I want to dance - get drunk - not stay seated while stuffing myself with 15 courses.

  5. I loved the comment about the TV in the corner. Isn't that always the case!