Monday, April 16, 2007

House Hunting

Sorry for not posting for so long, the past few weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster ride mentally.
We decided a year ago that we wanted to move over to Le Marche, so the past couple of months have seen us going back and forth on a house hunting expedition. I think we have seen every farmhouse possible.
We eventually found one that we loved on top of a hill with 360° views, though when we went to put in an offer we were told that some English people had offered 20,000 euro more than the asking price.
On one of our expeditions which was during a very wet weekend we got bogged down twice in the muck whilst looking at properties,our jeep was proving to be a very unreliable 4 wheel drive!! Another lady in a jeep came to our rescue as we couldn't find a tractor and I think we ended up burning her engine! It was very embarrasing and especially checking into the B & B covered in s****t!
The worst was yet to come, as we were driving back on the autostrada there was a very bad noise coming from the back wheels, Domenico kept telling me not too worry it was nothing! Oh yeah!....3 hours later when we arrived at the toll booth the car behind kept beeping at us, so we decided to pull over. I was in shock to see that we had lost all of the bolts except one holding on the back wheel. I think there was definately someone 'up there' looking after us that day.
After several more weekends we finally found and put an offer on another property which has been accepted subject to us getting finance through. I'm not getting too excited until we have the keys in our hands as I am sure there will be beaurocratic hoops to jump through. One of those being having to change my surname back to my maiden name to satisfy the Italian laws. When we were looking to buy a place in Sicily 2 years ago the Notaio insisted that I couldn't use my married name as it made Domenico and I look like brother and sister,I am sure there must be a way around it. So I am not posting any pics yet until everything is 'cento per cento!!'


  1. Glad to see you back, all in one piece thankfully after your adventure in the jeep.
    How great to have visitors, and meet up with old friends from NZ. That's what life is about, connections. Sounds like you all had a lovely time.
    Buying property sounds like a chore in itself. I don't understand the surname change, but Italy has its peculiar way of doing things.
    Best of luck and hopefully you will be sharing some fotos of a lovely property.

  2. Sounds like a great time with great friends!

    Silly question about the house buying and when they told you that you couldn't use your maiden name because it made you and your husband look like brother and sister: are siblings not allowed to buy homes together?

  3. Kali
    I don't think its a case of not being able to by a house together, as siblings can, it is more a hassle with having to change identity docs, with the rigid Italian system everything has to correspond. Its a real pain and at times I prefer to be anonyomous (sp!)

  4. Benvenuti nelle Marche! (Or hopeful congrats on the house find.) We're in Ascoli Piceno. Just happened onto your blog and will enjoy reading your archives. Hope you'll soon be in Marche!

  5. yay! i'm excited that you're coming to le marche! we'll have to meet up...we are in macerata. good luck with the last few steps toward getting the place!