Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Lazy Afternoon at Portonovo

As the temperature soared into the 30's we decided to head to Portonovo in the Conero Regional Park on the Adriatic coast to have a long lazy lunch beside the beach before the long drive back to Rome.
After an amazing seafood lunch at La Capannina and a bit too much to drink we were ready for a nap, so plonked our selves down on the restaurant loungers and lazed away the afternoon.
This is truly a beautiful piece of coastline, unspoilt and not too busy (yet).
I have had a hard time getting used to the Italian beaches after being spoilt for choice in New Zealand and Australia which has some of the most amazing coastline with miles and miles of uninterrupted,clean white sand and sea.
I absolutely refuse to pay to lie on a beach which seems to be the normal practice here. Lido after lido, some charging 40 euro a day for the privilege of an umbrella, a sun lounger which will be a metre or so from the next person! I need my space and if anyone comes within 2 metres of me with their towel, they get glared at! Sometimes whilst driving along the coast roads in Italy it is hard to even see the beaches as the rows of lido's block the view, such a shame.
Lazy Afternoon (fully clothed as we didn't have our togs with us!)


  1. i love portonovo and the whole conero coastline. what a nice afternoon!

  2. Gosh I know what you mean about needing space on the beach and having to pay.

    I'm going to Santa Marinella at the moment, it's fairly quiet during the week which is lovely. I worry how much busier it will get from now on though!

    I haven't yet ventured there on a weekend either.

  3. Being australian with a beach house on the beach which is practically all for us, I too had a shock twenty years ago when I saw how crowded the beaches at Positano are. Now its worse as there is even less public beach left and you have to sit alongside strangers in your cozzie. Even when we take the boat and go to a more secluded beach along the coast invariably we will not be the only ones there!