Sunday, November 18, 2007

Meet Milly

What have we got ourselves into, we have been thinking for some time now about getting a dog, but I wanted to wait until I survived the winter here first!
Well, we took the plunge earlier and gave in and now we are in possesion of Milly a 4 month old German Shepherd. She is absolutely gorgeous and has a lovely temperament, but god I wasn't prepared for the possesiveness, she doesn't leave me alone for a minute, following me around like a shadow... I need my space at times you know!!! She has really attached herself to me and doesn't go loos for anyone else unless I take her, Domenico is overseas at the moment, but as soon as he returns I will be making sure that she knows that he is a great person to be around!

Catching Up

I can't believe my last entry was in June, where have the months gone!
One of my biggest frustrations at the moment is that we don't yet have a phone line and it looks like we are in for quite a long wait. So I am intermittently using the internet with an extremely slow GPRS mobile phone connection, at times I give in as I am waiting my life away as pages load. But... I thought I had to get my act together and as I'm having a lazy day in front of the fire I would just persevere and do some blog entries.
I thought I would do a quick catch up filling in on a monthly basis what has been happening.

This was the start of our house renovations, doing all the modifications and cosmetic work ourselves, from morning to night we didn't stop. We were exhausted by the end of the day and looked forward to collapsing into bed at night time.
All the old plaster was chipped of the walls to reveal the original stone, parts were replastered and parts were left as the original stone. It was a hell of a job and extremely dusty and dirty. We were on a mission to get the house livable before my parents arrived in September.

We trudged on, the weight fell of us and we became very fit, the kitchen was fitted and we started fitting out and tiling the bathroom.
Domenico hard plastering the kitchen to be

Nearly finished

The swallow chicks in the stalla hatched and the lambs were born in the fields next to us.

My parents arrived mid September, the house still not ready though livable. It was their first time in Italy and they loved it.
The first 4 days were spent in Le Marche before we headed to Rome for 5 days, we rented a super
apartment ( in Castel Gandolfo which was near enough to visit Rome and the sights.
Afterwards Mum and dad left Rome on a mediterranean cruise for 12 days and we headed home as my brother from Australia was arriving the next day.
Once mum and dad left we found it very difficult to get motivated to restart on the house again after a 2 week break. The temperature began to drop dramatically and we knew that we would have to get our act together as the roof needed insulating and heating had to be sorted out. We decided to buy a woodfired Termocamino which would also direct the heated air to other parts of the house through metal tubing. It is fabulous when it gets going and is really toasty, though our house is so open plan now after taking walls and ceilings down that it takes a hell of alot of heating.
We have had a few dramas with our driveway which was originally a whiteish road driveway leading down to the house, though over the years it has covered over.This poses a huge problem when it rains, we found this out on the day mum and dad were due to leave, it had poured the day before and everywhere was so boggy. Domenico tried several times to make it up the driveway with no luck, he just kept skidding. Mum suggested taking the fence down and cutting across the field, bad move! The field was just as bad and Domenico sat in the car as it slid right down the hill, he was about to bail out when it came to a stop. Dad and Domenico went to look for help from the farmer, and they turned up in the tractor and pulled the car out.
Never a dull moment living in the countryside!

Moving to Le Marche has been such a change to living in Frascati, everyone is just so friendly and helpful, everything is easy to do, and there is actually customer service in shops and with a smile! Its like a totally different Italy and so less stressful.

I'm going to try and catch up on reading some of your blogs now, I can't believe how many there are out there, alot of new ones too.