Sunday, August 10, 2008

Isola D'Ischia

We arrived on Ischia Tuesday evening just as the sun was setting, it was an awesome site and I took loads of photos only to find that I must have somehow deleted the folder as the photos were no where to be found on the memory card. Just my luck!

Domenico found a studio/ apartment on the internet in the town of Casamicciola, which will be our home until the end of August.Then we will look for something more permanent to rent once the holiday season has finished.

The last few days have been spent exploring the Island which is extremely picturesque. Apart from the areas near the coast most of the homes are built on the hillside terraces.

An area I particularly love is Sant' Angelo on the Southern coast of Ischia, the small town cascades down the hillside to the marinas below.

Sant' Angelo

We parked the car in the first car park as no cars are allowed in the town and made our way along the narrow streets to the marina then up through the town towards the long stretch of Maronti Beach on the other side of the peninsula. Luckily there was a large area of beach ‘libero’ at the far end so we made our way there hoping that there wouldn’t be too many people so we could swim with Milly.

Spiaggia dei Maronti

End of the afternoon- Domenico & Milly walking back through Sant'Angelo

The evening was spent back at Ischia port at Il Gabbiano restaurant for a beer and pizza. Domenico’s brother Bruno worked here for 10 years as a pizzaiola before moving to New Zealand with his family.We have eaten at a few places along the port but find that everyone is doing pretty much the same menu- same pasta, pizza, seafood and are really catering to the mass of tourists. So I am determined to find those places that are a bit 'more special'

Il Gabbiano at Porto D'Ischia

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