Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back in Italia.

For the past 4 months now we have been back in Italy...I can’t explain it but after 4 years of living here I have come to accept the way 'it is', initially I fought the system and didn’t accept the way it was with all the beaurocratic and everyday issues, thinking perhaps by making a fuss it would change for me. After spending several months in France I realised how much I missed Italy and how it has gotten ‘under my skin’ so to speak..although there are many negative aspects I have come to enjoy more the positive ones and the diversity of the country. We have travelled alot throughout Italy and have come to love the changes that come with each region, and the differences in the people as well as the ever changing countryside.

So for now we are living in Siena, renting a lovely apartment in an old casale in the Sienese countryside until we get our bearings and see what the region has to offer in the way of work..still hoping to perhaps get back into the hospitality business..though some days I think we must be mad to do it again and to lose the freedom we have had these past 4 years...we shall see.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! They make me wish we were in Naples right now.