Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Dogs Dinner !!!!

For a few weeks now Milly has been attending obedience classes at the dog training school in Siena...she is a fantastic dog, but needed fine tuning to stop her pulling when we are out and about. She tends to be a real 'sticky beak' wanting to see everything that is going on and wanting to greet and play with every dog she sees...much to the fear of other owners.
I find the corrections a bit extreme as I have been advised to use a choker chain on her which I have never done previously and the look on her face when I give her a jerk is a look of 'what the hell did you do that for!!' We are slowly making progress, but I think it is more beneficial for me as I'm learning how to train her and what I can and cant let her get away with.

Anyway this post isn't so much about Milly's training but the Christmas dinner we were invited to hosted by the dog training school. It was an evening of food that in my opinion was only fit for a dog, very disappointing.

The three long tables were set up with plastic plates, plastic cutlery and plastic cups....this is a very common occurence in Italy especially at Sagras which I can understand due to the quantity of people and lack of facilities, but it is also becoming more common also in homes.It is one of my pet hates and would only ever use them for kids parties or picnics...used at any other occasion food just doesn't taste the same.

Back to dinner...the first saucer sized plastic plate had on it 3 crostini. One of the spreads was mayonnaise out of a jar, the other, a fishy paste out of a tube and lastly a strange tasting dry fegato paste (couldnt even call it a pate!).

To the primi... again served on the saucer sized plate, a gluggy pasta with bechamel (commercial) then followed by Fusilli with a sparse sauce of ground sausage and least this pasta dish was al dente.

For the secondi we were served another saucer sized plastic plate of 3 meatballs, so hard my plastic fork kept bending and a side order of soggy beans in a tomato sauce that tasted a bit fizzyish!!
The highlight of the evening was a raffle which we won a dog lead ...whoopeee!! and a bottle of Bubbly.

The dessert then came out, a chocolate slab sponge which smelled like it was made from a packet, so we passed and decided to make a quick exit............but not before the organiser put a tin in front of us...'what was this for' asked Domenico. The meal was 25 euro per head!!

I couldnt believe it, when ever we had been to a christmas 'do' the price was always stated at the start unless it was something organised as a thank you to customers for supporting them, which we thought this was. Domenico and I just looked at each other without saying a word...lesson learnt!!

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