Monday, November 30, 2009

Our First Trip To Venezia

On our way back to Siena from Trieste we decided to stop for a few days in Venice, the first time for both of us. I am so glad we didnt decide to leave it until this week as the 'Aqua Alta' high water hit today,131cm of it, flooding most of the city.
We found a park for the car in Mestre and took the
train over to Venice, it was a wonderful sight walking out of the station and seeing the canals and the city before us despite the low cloud that had followed us from Trieste and lingered for the next few days.
We hadn't booked any accomodation but found a fantastic place
La Locanda Art Deco
after browsing through and phoning the hotel direct. We had enquired about a double room at 60 euro a night but for 10 euro more we were offered their boutique apartment at the Residenza Art Deco which was just perfect as there was more space for Milly and with the added touch of breakfast delivered each morning.

The next few days were spent exploring the city on foot, it was like a maze and we got lost several times. Milly posed at just about every bridge and drew quite a bit of attention to herself as tourists wanted to take photos of her!
Wandering the streets the first evening
St Marks Square
'Look every body..its the Grand Canal'
Exquisite Carnival MasksAnother day, more walking and more photos

The Rialto Markets near the famous Rialto BridgeCannaregio...Local area away from the touristy parts.


  1. oh wonderful venice!! we just talk about going back for a visit yesterday!! The views and the food at La Madonna, a hidden gem of a restaurant :)

  2. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful pictures of Venice. They bring back many fond memories!