Thursday, January 07, 2010

Goodbye 2009!!

Roll on 2010....

December was a tough month to get through,10 days before Christmas I came down with a terrible infection under my back molar..I held off as long as I could then decided it was time to find a dentist! The snow hit at a bad time and we were snowed in the morning I was to see the dentist ...I told Domenico he had to find a way to get me into Siena as there was no way I could bare the pain. So we basically slid the 10km to the centre as the snow was still soft, luckily there were no police around as we had no chains and would have surely got a good telling off! Cristina from Expats gave me the details of her dentist here in Siena, and was pleased to find the surgery very hygienic and more importantly he was very gentle. My only gripe was that he prescribed me Amoxyllin which I later found contained penicillin which I was allergic too when I was young (I even wrote on the form that I used to be allergic!). Luckily I didn’t have a reaction but after 2 days the pain was still excrutiating and the pain killers weren’t working. Back to the dentist I went and he told me that the antibiotics would kick in and he prescribed the strongest painkillers possible. Still they didn’t work only giving me 3 hours of relief and I was only allowed to take 3 a day!!

The next day my dentist had finished for the holidays so I had to find another on Saturday morning. Off I trooped again to a new dentist who was very rough and I was told that I needed stronger antibiotics directly into the muscle for four days, by injection.....They seem to like the DYI injections here in Italy!! Domenico looked at me and said that there was no way he could inject me without fainting, so it was a case of finding someone to do it each day! The first shot the dentist did and again I told him I used to be allergic to pencillin, he said that if I didn’t react to the Amoxyllin then I was probably no longer allergic.

That night I was a bit more comfortable, but I did react to the antibiotics, my neck and throat constricted so much that I could hardly swallow. Off I trooped again, this time to the Guarda Medico as it was Sunday, he prescribed some non penicillin antibiotics which were disgusting and had to take for 10 alcohol over Christmas for me!! Though at last they kicked in and cleared up the infection pretty quickly.

Christmas came around and we had our friends James and Jon over for a few days, unfortunately Domenico was called to go to Napoli on Christmas Eve as his mother wasn’t expected to live through the night. She had come out of hospital as there was nothing more they could do for her!

I decided to stay in Siena for Christmas Day with our friends, but found it hard to get into the Christmas spirit and took the train down to Napoli the next day with Milly. The rest of the week was spent sitting around at the family’s house with various family members and friends coming by to pay their respects to Nonna even though she was still alive. It was really sad to see her in the condition she was in, as she is basically just a skeleton with her pace maker keeping her alive...seems so wrong that she is ready to pass away peacefully but the ticker keeps her going. We stayed in Napoli for a week and her condition appeared to improve a bit and she seemed to be in less pain, so we made the decision to come back home.

I am so ready for the winter to finish it has been the harshest I can remember, the snow I can cope with, but I hate the constant rain that that has caused so much chaos in north of Tuscany. Sooooooo roll on spring I need some sunshine!!!!!