Thursday, September 21, 2006


One of the biggest adjustments I have made since moving to Italy is coming to terms with how much my days have slowed down and in some cases come to a complete standstill, with boredom setting in.
I have always been a spontaneous person doing things on impulse, though that just never happens as the opening hours of shops, businesses etc. dictate when I am able to do something.
I was always on the move physically and mentally and I thrived on it. I have been throwing ideas around for starting my own business, things that work overseas, but I just know that trying to do it here would be an impossibility due to the resistance of change. So now I try and fulfill my days helping my husband with the business.

A typical week day for me in New Zealand was:
-7am- Wake up and head to the pool for one hour of training
-9am- Head to work, food prep, making sure all of the catering orders are met by their deadlines, accounts etc…
-4pm-Leave work and go to a 90 minutes Bikram Yoga class (3 times week)
-7pm- Stop off at the supermarket before heading home to make dinner for the kids
-10pm- Crash into bed ready to do it all again the next day.

I was lucky that the kids were at an age to get themselves to and from school, and I that being self employed I could leave work if I had emergencies, appointments etc.
I certainly looked forward to the weekends though.

A typical day in Italy is:
-8am- Wake up, make brekky and take it back to bed
-9am- If I am feeling in the mood, I go to the gym
-11am- Pick up groceries before heading home and spending time at the computer
-1pm- Lunch
-2pm- More computer and getting accounts etc. done for the business
-4pm- Sometimes I have a nap, then more computer
-7pm- Make dinner
-10pm- Bed.
Of course some days I go into Rome for a stroll and to pick my Asian goodies up from the market, and at the weekends we try and take trips out of town.

I have to keep telling myself to remember the days in NZ when I wished I could just stop working for a while and recharge my batteries. Though I don’t think I anticipated coming to a stand still.

I suppose at the end of the day it is all about finding the right balance between work,family and leisure time, I’m sure one day I will find it.


  1. Shirley: I teach private English lessons and work at a local school as a lettrice, but September is a very slow month, and my schedule is looking quite a bit like yours lately! For me, it's hard to be productive during all of that free time!

  2. I know exactly how you feel! In nyc I felt so energetic and I was doing so many different things and it felt there wasn't enough time in the day. Since I've moved to Rome my life has slowed down dramatically and even after a year I still get so frustrated that I have to organize my time around the midday break and there is so much bureaucracy and red tape I tend to just give up and say, oh, I'll get around to it later. But like you said, I think it's all about balance. I hope to find it one day too :)
    By the way, where do you shop for Asian groceries in Rome? I've been looking for edemame and can't find it anywhere.

  3. Avery: Take the metro to Vittorio Emanuele and you will find the Piazza Vittorio market just down from Termini.There are also lots of little asian food stores nearby in the side streets which stock loads of ingredients, every time I go in more are popping up.