Thursday, November 09, 2006

Napoli. I love it and hate it!

I have a real love hate relationship with Napoli (the birth place of Domenico, though he escaped at 15 years old!).

Lately I have been feeling a bit vulnerable and especially wary with all the violence that has been happening and especially since Domenico and his friend were held up at gun point last week.
They had just parked when a couple of guys on a motorbike pulled out a gun and asked if they had
any money, when they said they didn’t they just said OK and took off with a wave! Unbelievable! It seems to be a normal occurrence, though I would be freaking out.

My love of Napoli comes in the form of food. I just love Neapolitan pizza and desserts, as well as marinated Octopus Salad, made with the big octopus’, whilst sitting outside one of the waterfront restaurants on a balmy evening, watching all the crazy antics of the passersby.

I also love walking around the side streets of the Spanish area just off Via Roma, exploring the food shops and markets whilst dodging crazy Neapolitans on their scooters.

After a couple of days though I am driven away by the chaos, dirt and constant noise and can’t wait to return home.

I can’t get my head around why Neapolitans have such a problem with rubbish, it is everywhere and such a health problem. For weeks sometimes the big street bins aren’t emptied due to strikes. Whilst driving into Napoli one day on the autostrada, the people in the car in front of us threw out two supermarket bags full of rubbish straight onto the next lane. I was in shock, sometimes I wonder if they have their heads screwed on properly! They don’t think about the ‘what if’s’.

And to finish off my rant, who in their right mind would live here…….


  1. that is crazy about Domenico getting held up at gunpoint and then just waved away, as if it was no big deal (like a friend trying to bum money or something)...weird! i still have not been to Napoli, but that picture of pizza is enough to tempt me down there. We actually would really like to go. I think a lot of people have that love-hate relationship with Napoli--I've heard that a lot.

  2. I've only been to Napoli twice, both time when I've flown there to get to Positano, so I've never had the chance to explore the city. I have, however, noticed the trash everywhere!

    Thank God Domenico is okay, that's scary and crazy!

  3. Naples is one of those places which you either love or hate (or both at the same time as in your case!)

  4. yum! all that food is making me so hungry!

  5. Well, I live here in this crazy city, and it's full of rubbish. I heart Naples :)

  6. I'll be in Naples this weekend!!!I love pizza too!!!!