Saturday, November 11, 2006

What does one 'do' with a Cachi.

Today I bought my first Cachi. I have seen them in the markets quite a bit lately and usually just look at them and think what on earth would I do with one as I am not at all familiar with this fruit.
I peeled away the skin and was pleasantly suprised to find the inside very sweet with a sort of firm jellyish texture.
If anyone has any cooking/ dessert suggestions for the cache, please send them my way.



  1. It looks like what we have here in NZ Mum... Isnt it a persimmon??

  2. Yeah, it's a persimmon in English. We get a lot of those back in Australia too. They're nice as is or in a fruit salad.

  3. here in the states, we make persimmon pudding for the holiday season (especially thanksgiving), which is great. it's my mom's favorite! you can find a recipe online searching for Indiana Persimmon Pudding.