Saturday, December 16, 2006

As I sit here writing this I am indulging in yet another piece of Panettone, with toasted almonds on top ( Not for you Annika!). It is so easy to eat several pieces and not realise.

Well Christmas is just a week away and to be honest I'm having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit this year especially since Ikea were sold out of trees, I'm seriously thinking of decorating our large pot plant!.

As it is going to be a quiet one we are thinking of taking off to Prague for a week on Christmas Eve.The airfares have sky rocketed so I reckon we could drive there as it only takes 12 hours and we could stop in Austria on the way.
All our life we have always taken holidays on impulse due to the nature of the business we had, nothing has ever been planned much to the disbelief of our friends.
Many times back in New Zealand we closed the restaurant around christmas time, went to the travel agency wanting a package deal that week only to be told no accomodation available. It has never deterred us though, we hop on the plane and keep our fingers crossed that we will find something when we arrived.
In Bali we found some amazing hotels all willing to barter the price, Thailand was a bit harder though. We arrived late at night, I hadn't slept on the flight and was sooooo tired, I need at least 7 hours sleep to function properly or you don't want to be around me! We trailed around several hotels in Phuket all to no avail, in the end I sat on the side of the road and balled my eyes out. Where was I going to sleep!! Domenico took off to find somewhere, leaving me to drown in my tears. Luckily he found a room in the Holiday Inn for the night where I crashed and woke up the next day totally refreshed and happy.

The next day we hired a scooter and found a fabulous resort just out of Phuket where we spent rest of the week.
It is all very adventurous and I actually like not having to commit to accomodation or a place we are not sure about.
Well I will finish there and have yet another piece of panettone.


  1. I'll make a panettone next week. I was thinking of making it already but if I make it now chances are that there won't be any left for Christmas. I prefer mine without the almonds on top though.. ;)

  2. I'm sure your pot plant will look beautiful and festive.

    A few fairly lights and voila!

    Elle :)

  3. The OH really takes all the fun out of the panettone here, as he won't even eat a piece. In a way, sure, more for me, but I don't have that much room in my jeans, if you know what I mean, so I think this year I'll do without...until we start making our holiday visits, of course :)