Thursday, May 24, 2007

Private Apartment For Holiday Rent Frascati

Well it looks as if the purchase of the house in Le Marche is going to go through which means that we will be spending the summer months over there renovating.
We have decided therefore to rent out our apartment in Frascati for the months of July, August and the first 2 weeks of September.
It is a beautiful apartment on the top floor ( see photo, top 3 windows) in the central piazza of Frascati, the views are stunning, and as the sun is setting you can see out to the sea.
There are 3 bedrooms each with double beds, large lounge and dining area, kitchen, bathroom, laundry and terrace.
Frascati is the main town of the Castelli Romani and is an excellent base for visiting the other towns of the region as well as Rome as the station is just 2 minutes away, with a train to central Rome every hour, taking 25 minutes.
The price we are asking is 800 euro per week which is negotiable for anyone wishing to rent on a monthly basis.
So if any of you know of anyone looking to spend some time in Rome this summer please let me know.


  1. Wow, it looks wonderful!

    My friends have a condo in the Caribbean which they rent out year round - they advertise it on which might work very well for you if you want to be sure of renting out the whole period. Best of luck with your renovations!

  2. Jess
    Thanks for stopping by,I will definately have a look at the website you recommend.
    Grazie Mille

  3. Very nice place and reasonable rates. They get €1200 and more here for weekly rentals in the summer months.

  4. Your apartment is gorgeous!

    I want to move in permanently.

    Congrats on the sale, we're having problems.. typically!

    Oh and re hairdresser, anytime - his place is actually under my apartment so you would be welcome for some lunch and drinks! (But don't blame me if he does a terrible job on your hair! I like him and Sarah likes him but a friend said she wasn't sure of the cut he gave her!)