Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My First Italian Wedding

Well it has been a busy couple of weeks entertaining, our guests have all gone into Rome for the day so I am left alone to catch up on a few bits and pieces.
Domenico 's brother Renato arrived last week with his wife Debra and four of his six gorgeous daughters.
Stefania & Manuela with DJ.
We had a wedding to attend in Napoli (my first in Italy) and it was going to be a big affair with Arianna being the first of the children to marry.
We arrived just in time at the family apartment which had been transformed into what resembled a jungle, as well as all the bouquets of flowers, the outside of the apartment right down to the ground level had been decorated with different types of palms and other greenery, this was for the first 'grand exit' of the bride with her dad.
As soon as they got into the car and headed to the church all the greenery was packed away in a matter of seconds and carted away.
We got a bit lost on the way to the church so arrived half way through the ceremony which was being undertaken by a very 'gay and flamboyent' Neapolitan priest.We were terrified to walk in thinking it would be very rude to be late, though the ceremony itself appeared to be very casual with people coming and going off the street and some not dressed up at all.
Arianna & Gianni
After about another hour of standing and sitting and having water sprinkled on us it was all over, lots of 'auguris' later we headed to Villa Lucrezio at Posillipo where the reception was to take place. This was a beautiful venue overlooking the bay of Naples, towards Vesuvio and the Sorrentino Peninsula.
It was lovely to catch up with family members before the bride and groom finally arrived, that is when the feast began. Two huge buffet tables were set up on the outdoor terrace, one with every type of Fritti possible, as well as proscuito sliced of the bone and various types of cheeses from buffalo mozzarella to the creamiest ricotta I have ever tasted. The other table was overflowing with seafood, whole octopus had been cooked up and chopped and dressed to order, baby octopus' in a rich tomato and olive sauce, grilled prawns..... the list goes on, it was very impressive.
As we had left Rome without eating breakfast we were all ravenous by 3 in the afternoon, so we really let loose on the Antipasti and were all pretty full. This was a huge mistake! We were then told to make our way to the dining room where dinner really started. Over the next 6 hours we were fed two pasta courses, two secondo (one fish and the other meat), and a fruit course. It was all fabulous, though far too much, we had to stagger from the dining area back to the outdoor terrace where the buffet was set up again with Neapolitan desserts, I wish I had room to indulge but my body was crying out to stop!
The wedding cake was cut, toasts were made and then there was gelato and liqueuers.
After the handing out of individual photo albums and bonbonerie we all said our goodbyes and headed off. It was certainly a lavish wedding and an awful lot of money must have been spent, but that is how it is in Italy, it has to be a big show.


  1. I am so envious! I have been to many Italian weddings in the U.S. but nothing like this. Thanks so much for posting the pictures too. That made it so fun.

    Candace, Italian woman at the Table
    P.S. You sound just like a cousin from my family.

  2. Say...what about the music? Can't have a Naples wedding without a song or two or twenty five!

  3. Sharon
    Yes there was a live singer who was singing all the Neapolitan songs in between the courses.I was suprised though as it wasn't as noisy as I thought it would be, you know how it can be with everyone trying to talk above everyone else!