Thursday, July 24, 2008

House For Sale in Le Marche

A lot of this year has seen us back and forth to England looking for a business. Domenico has had itchy feet for a while now to get back into the restaurant industry and we feel that for what we do, the UK would be our best option. I have mixed feelings about this as after a week of being back in the UK I really start to miss Italy.
We have also decided to sell this house and down size since this one is really too big for us now the kids have left. So we thought to find something we can use more for a holiday and weekend breaks when we want to escape back to Italy. We have nearly finished the first floor of the house apart from one room which we reckon will be the second bathroom. It has been a hard slog and we have now basically conked out! Here are a few pics of how it now looks.So if anyone is interested or knows of anyone looking to buy in Le Marche at a very reasonable price this house may be for them…. The fact that we haven’t touched the ground floor gives the new owner the chance to renovate and restore the lower level whilst still living in the house. I reckon there is a lot of potential for a B & B or separate apartments. Also the house will be available to rent whilst on the market as we are probably moving over to the UK in September.


  1. you have such a beautiful home. my husband and i are building our very first home....we love your contemporary/modern style!

    and i love the pic with Milly in the background :-)

  2. Your home looks gorgeous. Where exactly is it?

  3. Thanks for the comments.Yes it has turned out to be quite a contemporary farmhouse.
    Janie: It is situated in the provincia of Fermo between Falerone and Penne San Giovani.

  4. What a gorgeous home. Hope you aren;t too sad when you leave it, to come to the UK.

    Oh sorry just read your last post and see that you haven;t quite made the move back here. Hope it all works out for you, wherever you end up.