Thursday, March 05, 2009

Nice, South of France

Well here I am back has been a while with a lot happening since my last entry in August.
I've been meaning to update for some time but never seem to get the fingers and brain moving in unison.
The end of last year saw us moving to Nice in the South of France, where we are still hoping to permitting.

Our life has done a full circle. 28 years ago before children, Domenico and I both lived and worked on the Riviera for several years before heading to New Zealand. Now the children have all left home to do their own thing we decided to head back there.
We are currently going through the dilemma of 'where is home' as we have been travelling so much and although Domenico would continue to keep moving, I would really like to find a place I can call home and keep coming back to.
We still have our house in Le Marche which is still for sale and I do love it there, but not for work. I didn't realise until leaving Italy how much 'in grained' it had become even with all of its faults and I really start to miss certain things,most importantly the friendliness of the Italians,the fresh produce and the simple way of cooking.

It is for this reason we are currently looking for an apartment in Menton, still in France but only a walk away from Italy...for when I am in need of a quick Italian fix.
I am also thinking of changing the name of my blog, as it is not really an 'Italian Journal' any more,but will see how things go in the next few weeks.

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  1. I'm still dreaming of returning to Italy, and hopefully we will one day. It's so true what you said about the friendliness in Italy... something I miss in Toulon but seem to have found where I currently work in Haute Provence.

    Congratulations on your daughters wedding!!