Monday, June 01, 2009

Back Home in Le Marche for a bit...

At the beginning of May we made the 8 hour drive from Nice back home to Le Marche I always love going back, though was in for a bit of a shock when I saw how much everything had grown, it had been such a wet spring and the week prior to us going the weather had changed to a heat wave, so everything was flourishing and overgrown. I have never seen the countryside looking so lush.

Casa Nostra
Our main priority was trying to cut back all the wheat that had popped up surrounding the house,even between the was a major and exhausting job with the weed zapper machine and my shoulders really felt it for days later. But it was good being able to walk around and not have to worry about random snakes in the overgrowth.
The stalla was full of swallows making babies.....well actually laying eggs! And Milly spent the days in and out trying to catch them, as well as chasing the many without tails running around now! Domenico managed to save this little chap before Milly caught site of it.

It was going to be a very special weekend as an old school friend James who I had made contact with through facebook after 28 ish years and his partner Jon were coming to stay.

Domenico, Jon & James with the Sibillini Mountains in the backgroundBeach at Porto San Giorgio

They have both spent a lot of time in Italy though it was the first time in Le Marche for both of them, so we tried to cram in as much as we could in the 2 days they were with us, in between lots of eating and drinking! A fabulous weekend...

The view from Fermo looking out to the Adriatic & the Centre


  1. Oh Shirley, I was so happy to click over here and see you've been blogging. Beautiful photos. Your life sure has been full and busy.
    No matter if you change the name of your blog or not, it will be a pleasure to follow you. Enjoy your Italian vacation!
    (formerly of Quasi Italiana!)

  2. Thanks Amber...I think I have lost a few followers with my lack of posts.Pleased you are still around though.